ICC YAF: Practical case analysis on construction arbitration: claim for damages

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, • Spanish

This conference organized by ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (ICC YAF) will feature a mock hearing related to claims for damages in a construction contract


Objective/ event description

This event presents the opportunity to show how party counsel argue and experts analyze these controversial questions in an opening plea, as well as the arbitration tribunal’s reaction.

Who should attend?

This conference is aimed at young arbitration practitioners of approximately 40 years and under: counsel, arbitrators, corporate counsel or academics. The ICC YAF Conference will be an ideal forum for young practitioners to exchange thoughts on international arbitration, and to enrich their network in the region.


17:30-17:40Welcoming Remarks
17:40-18:10Theoretical part and description of the case
18:10-19:20Mock case / hearing
19:20-19:30Conclusions and Closing Remarks


Claudia BenavidesClaudia Benavides
Diana CorreaICC YAF Representative for Latin America; Diana Correa International
Christian DíazLPA Legal & Consulting Costa Rica
René IrraICC YAF Representative for Latin America; Irra Ibarra
Edson LópezICC YAF Representative for Latin America; Integrum
Lisa McPhersonMulino & Mulino Attorneys-at-Law
Narghis TorresLex Finance
Sophia VillaltaBatalla
Roberto WilliamsCasco-Fortín Cruz & Asociados
Benito ZelayaMember of the ICC International Court of Arbitration; Lexincorp

Logistical notes


Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Tegucigalpa

Boulevard Centroamérica

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


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