05Mar 19

ICC YAF: Mayday! Urgent measures available to arbitrations seated in the UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE, • English

The conference will look at the types of measures and various fora where urgent relief can be sought in support of an arbitration seated in the United Arab Emirates particularly in light of the new federal arbitration law.


As part of the 7th ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration, the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (ICC YAF) is organizing a conference on the topic of the various types of urgent measures available in practice in arbitration seated in the UAE.

This conference will take the form of a panel discussion preceded by a keynote address. The panel discussion will tackle the following issues:

  • Available options and venues to seek interim relief in support of arbitration seated in the UAE;
  • Tribunals’ powers to grant interim relief
  • Enhanced role of the local courts to grant/enforce interim measures under the new federal arbitration law;
  • Are emergency arbitrators a viable alternative in UAE seated arbitrations?

Who should attend?

This conference is aimed at young arbitration practitioners of approximately 40 years or under: counsels, arbitrators, corporate counsels or academics.  The ICC YAF Conference is an ideal forum for young practitioners to exchange thoughts on international arbitration and to enrich their network in the region.


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Logistical notes


ADGM Arbitration Centre
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Register on line at https://fr.xing-events.com/IANVKNS

For more information please contact Demi Bone.

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