ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, • English

First ICC competition in Hong Kong to focus on international commercial mediation. During four days university students will be judged and guided by professional mediators under the ICC mediation rules, competing for the top place in this prestigious competition.


The ICC Mediation Competition Hong Kong will be held in Hong Kong from 12 – 15 October 2018. Up to 24 teams from universities in Hong Kong and the Asian Region, including countries along the Belt & Road, are expected to compete.

The winning team will be funded to compete in the ICC Mediation Competition in Paris in February 2019. The ICC Mediation Competition is widely recognized as the world’s leading mediation competition for university students bringing 66 teams together in February each year to the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) in Paris.


Who can participate as a team?

The ICC Mediation Competition – Hong Kong is open to local and overseas university students, both undergraduate and post-graduate. Teams must include at least one team member from a law school. Teams may comprise between 2 – 4 people.


Who can participate as a judge or mediator?

The ICC Mediation Competition – Hong Kong is open to professional mediators to be voluntary judges or mediators.


Why join us?

This is an excellent opportunity to practise your advocacy skills in a mediation setting and hone your techniques with professional guidance.

A perfect networking opportunity to meet with top professionals, mediators and students who are passionate about mediation.


The Competition consists of four Preliminary Rounds and two Final Rounds. All selected teams will compete once in each of the Preliminary Rounds. The 4 teams that obtain the best scores in the Preliminary Rounds will proceed to the Final Rounds, where direct elimination applies. During each session, each team will be represented by two of members, one acting as the Client and the other as Counsel of either the Requesting Party or the Responding Party, according to the role assigned. The students will endeavour to make the best use of the mediation process, with the help of a professional mediator. Judges will be present in order to evaluate the teams’ performance.

Logistical notes

The Competition will take place in various venues to be announced to the participants around Central in Hong Kong.


Registration for teams

To register as a team please use the following link.

Registration for teams closes on Friday 27 July 2018


Registration for mediators

To register as a mediator please use the following link.

All professionals are invited to various social events that take place during the Competition.

For more information, please contact

  • Ms. Alix Povey
  • +852 9640 2724

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