Guatemala Investment Summit

Guatemala City, Mexico, • Spanish & English

Guatemala Investment Summit is the most important investment event from Central America, where you will find the proper environment to learn about business and investment in Guatemala and the region, as well as to make contacts, synergies, commercial alliances and potential business and/or investment.


November 9th
(8:30 – 10:00) Inaugural Ceremony – Convention Center.
(10:00 11:15)Innovation: a way of transforming companies and improving societies.
(11:15 – 12:30) Accelerating development and uniting borders with technology
( 12.30 – 14-30) Lunch break (free time)
( 14:30 – 15:45) Economic Growth, a Challenge for All
( 15:45 – 16:15) Fighting Corruption: Key to Economic Growth
(16: 15 – 17:40) Institutional Strenghtening and the Business Climate
(18:15 – 19:00) Shuttle to the National Palace of Culture (invitation required)

(10:00 – 16:00) Parallel activities to the conference program
(10:00 – 16:00) Activities for entrepreneurs – Los Lagos meeting room
(10:00 – 16:00) Investment and business roundtables – Los Lagos meeting room

November 10th
(8:00 – 8:30) Billions in opportunities – National Agency for the Development of Economic Infrastructure – ANADIE-
(8:30 – 13) Investment and Business Roundtables – Convention Center


Edgar Figueroa, Carlos Arguello, Marcos Antil, Sergio Flores, María Fernanda Garza, Delby Gómez, Guillermo Montano, Ruth Dempsey, Jorge A. Ruíz, Eduardo Parra, Víctor Umaña, Jorge Londoño de la Cuesta, Juan Pablo Castañon, Alberto Padilla, Fernando López Fernández.

Logistical notes

Hotel Westin Camino Real.

Foreign participants only have to cover their travel expenses.

The event will be held in one place, except for the reception at the National Palace of Culture, but we’ll provide the transportation to get there.

For more information, please contact Paola Estrada:

pestrada@industriaguate.com (502) 2380-9000 Ext. 258

Sponsor information

Banco Industrial
CMI Corporación Multi Inversiones
Cementos Progreso
La Popular