28 Jan 16

Arbitration training – Study of a mock case under the ICC Rules of Arbitration

The Hague, • English

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Thursday 28 & Friday 29 January 2016, Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, The Hague

ICC Arbitration is a widely used method for international alternative dispute-resolution. However, arbitration is a complex process. Having practical skills and insights in procedures, from the arbitration clause to the drafting and enforcement of the award, is essential for all involved, including in-house counsel, lawyers and arbitrators.

This mock case training aims to prepare professionals for ICC Arbitration cases by simulating an ICC Arbitration procedure. The training provides participants with a first-hand experience and understanding of the ICC Arbitration procedure through practical and interactive sessions. In this unique 1,5 day training in The Hague participants will work on assignments in small groups and will discuss the mock case in plenary, with among the most experienced ICC Arbitration specialists.


Friday 29 January

09.00 hrs     Terms of Reference
Preparing the Terms of Reference (in groups)                                                                                                 Discussion (in plenary)      

[Ms Friederike Schäfer]

10.00 hrs     Case Management conference and Procedural Timetable                                                                                   [Mr Rogier Schellaars]

Conduct of the Arbitration
  Procedural Approaches: civil law versus common law                                                                                       Establishing the facts of the case, witnesses, experts, cross examination            
                Simulation of an arbitration hearing (in groups) followed by discussion (in plenary)                  

[Mr Rogier Schellaars]

12.30 hrs     Lunch break

13.15 hrs     The Award
    Preparation and drafting of an award (in groups) followed by discussion (in plenary)              

[Ms Annet van Hooft]

15.30 hrs     The role of the ICC Secretariat from the Terms of Reference until the end of the procedure Q&A                             Discussion with panel

17.00 hrs     Closing remarks


Ms Friederike Schäfer , Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration
Mr Rogier Schellaars , Member of the Court, ICC International Court of Arbitration; Lawyer/partner, Simmons & Simmons
Ms Annet van Hooft , Vice Chair of the Commission on Arbitration & ADR; Former Counsel of ICC International Court of Arbitration; Lawyer/partner, Bird & Bird (Paris)