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The Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration jointly with the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce is organizing the 5th edition of the ICC Maghreb Arbitration Days. This International Conference will discuss arbitration in Libya in light of comparative experiences and international arbitration organizations.


This Conference will discuss legal framework and major challenges for arbitration in Libya. A new Libyan draft Arbitration Law will be presented for the first time to the arbitration community for discussion and suggestions.

In addition, the Conference will touch on ICC experience in dealing with Libyan arbitration parties.

Finally, the Conference will review the experiences of French, Libyan, Tunisian, Mauritanian, Egyptian and Moroccan practices in arbitration law.


Who should attend?

This programme will benefit practicing lawyers, arbitrators, magistrates, engineers, planners, academics, corporate counsels and LL.M. students.


DAY 1 – Wednesday, November 1st 2017
9:30 – 09:50Opening Session

·         Speech of LCICA President

·         Speech of ICC Representative

·         Speech of the Libyan State Representative

·         Speech of ALECSO Representative

9:10 – 11:20Session 1: Legal framework for arbitration and recent developments in Libyan draft Arbitration Law

·         Libya and international arbitration nowadays: major challenges

·         Restrictions for the application of arbitration rules in Libya and ways to overcome

·         Presentation of the new Libyan draft Law on Arbitration

·         Discussion

11:20 – 11:50Coffee Break
11:50 – 13:10Session 2: ICC and Libyan Issues

·         Recent developments in ICC arbitration

·         Presentation of the Expedited Procedure Provisions and their impact on reducing delays and costs

·         Libyan issues from ICC perspective

·         Discussion

13:10 – 14:10Lunch Break
14:10 – 15:50Session 3: Role of State Courts in arbitration

·         Control of State courts over arbitration

·         Interference of State courts in arbitration

·         Role of State courts in arbitration in light of comparative experiences

·         Egyptian jurisprudence in favor of arbitration

·         Moroccan jurisprudence in favor of arbitration

·         Discussion

15:50End of first day
DAY 2 – Thursday, November 2nd 2017
9:30 – 11:05Session 1: Experiences of Arab and European countries in arbitration law          

·         Comparison between the French arbitration law and the Libyan draft arbitration law

·         Tunisian arbitration code and inevitability of revision

·         Development of arbitration law in Mauritania

·         Difficulties and obstacles facing arbitration in the absence of an arbitration law

·         Discussion

11:05 – 11:35Coffee break
11:35 – 12:55Session 2: Arbitration in investment

·         Promotion of arbitration in Arab and African countries and recommendations for application

·         Arbitration in investment laws in Maghreb countries (development of these legislations)

·         Arab investment agreements, restrictions and promotion of arbitration as one of the guarantees

·         Developments of arbitration future in EU foreign relations law

·         Discussion

12:55 – 14:00Lunch Break
14:00 – 16:00Roundtable on Libyan arbitration draft law
16:00Closing session of the conference


Martial AKAKPOLawyer, Arbitrator, PhD in French law, Lomé, Togo
Abdallah BECHIRInternational arbitrator, Mauritania
Miled BEN ABDALLAHLCICA Board Member, Libya
Walid BEN HAMIDASenior lecturer in French universities, Tunisia
Mohamed Anis BETTAIEBLawyer in Tunis and Paris, Tunisia
Sami BOSTANJIDean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia
Hamza BOUICHIProsecutor and Board member of the Libyan Association of Judicial Authorities Members, Libya
Amany CHAMIEHDeputy Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration,  France
Abdelaziz CHAOUCHDirector of the Libyan Investment promotion Agency, Libya
Bouajila CHBINAJudge, Libya
Khawla EZATAGUIMember of the drafting committee of the Libyan arbitration law, Libya
Jamel FAKROUNLaws Department’s Representative, Ministry of Justice, Libya
Kathryn GARBETLawyer, United Kingdom
Nacer Mahdi HAMZA Former judge at the Supreme Court, Libya
Sami HOUERBIICC consultant for Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean region, Dubai/Tunisia, Partner, Houerbi Law Firm
Dalia HUSSEINDeputy Director of the Regional Center, Egypt
Riadh KAKHRIProfessor of Commercial Law, Deputy President of Hassan I University, Morocco
Amor KHATTABIYAPresident of Dispute Resolution Center, Jordan
Idris Omar KOUIDILegal Department of General Authority of Libyan Projects, Libya
Joachim KUCKENBURGPartner, Kuckenburg Bureth Boineau et Associés, France
Nicolas LIGNEULLecturer at Paris University, Deputy Dean in charge of foreign relations, France
Denis MORALESPhD, Senior Lecturer at Marseille University, Lawyer, Expert in international arbitration, France
Emilia ONYEMALLB (Nigeria), PhD (London), LLM & MA Dispute & Conflict Resolution Convenor, Nigeria
Achille NAGWANZAArbitration expert, Professor at Paris University XI, France
Moez OUARCHAFANIJudge and LCICA member, Libya
Ahmed OUEFELLILawyer, Tunisia
Robin PICKWORTHLawyer, United Kingdom
Nabil RACHDICourt of Cassation, Member of the National Committee of Arbitration Code Revision, Tunisia
Intissar SALILMember of the drafting committee of the Libyan arbitration law, Libya

Logistical notes


Premises of Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization – ALECSO

Avenue Mohamed Ali Akid

1003, Tunis, Tunisia


Please register by sending your full contact details to ezatagui.khawla@lcica.org

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