15th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

Paris, France, • English

The ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition is the biggest Educational contest worldwide dedicated exclusively to international commercial mediation.


Icc 15th Mediation Competition 2020

ICC’s biggest educational event of the year, the ICC Mediation Competition gathers over 350 students and coaches every year, in addition to 130 professional mediators and mediators trainers from all over the world and a number of volunteers, sponsors and observers.

During the Competition, student teams representing 66 universities endeavour to resolve international business disputes through mediation, guided by professional mediators pursuant to the ICC Mediation Rules. Their performance is evaluated by some of the world’s leading dispute resolution specialists who participate in the Competition as judges.

Running over seven days and featuring around 150 mock mediation sessions, the Competition week also includes training programmes and numerous social events.

Read further information about the prestigious Competition and its past winners.

Get involved

Applications to participate in the 15th edition of the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition for both professionals and universities will open in July 2019.

Contacts :

  • Sara Debenedetti
  • +33 (0)1 49 53 30 60
  • Project Manage

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