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With flexible bookings from half day to full day, the Hearing Centre has ten available modern meeting and conference rooms. Whether reserving just one or multiple rooms, we offer a selection of attractive and competitively priced meeting packages that include a range of services and benefits.

Bosphorus ** icc-room-style-140110
Magellan ** icc-room-style-13290
Gibraltar * icc-room-style-12470
Hormuz icc-room-style-21832
Bering icc-room-style-31832
Panama icc-room-style-31425
Suez icc-room-style-31425
Palk icc-room-style-3823
Malacca icc-room-style-31017
Dover icc-room-style-31017
Palk icc-room-style-3823

* Includes standard audio-visual equipment, such as a video-projector, screen, microphones, and audio recording material.
** Includes standard audio-visual equipment, in addition to a translation booth with headphones.

ICC hearing centreTo make a reservation or to learn more about our rooms and packages, please contact us via email or by telephone at +33 (0)1 49 53 33 00.