Belt and Road Dispute Resolution

With world-class arbitration and mediation rules, as well as a presence in most major commercial hubs along the New Silk Route, ICC is ideally placed to resolve disputes arising out of Belt and Road projects.

ICC’s flexible range of world leading dispute resolution services are well suited to disputes that arise in relation to the Belt and Road development strategy, to promote economic co-operation along proposed Belt and Road routes.

Also known as “One Belt One Road”, the Belt and Road initiative aims to build connectivity and cooperation between China, the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt, and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

The “Belt” refers to economic and overland transport links connecting China to Central Asia and Europe via six economic corridors, while the “Road” indicates a network of maritime routes connecting Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The Belt and Road initiative spans more than 70 countries, with an increasing number of non-Chinese investors, contractors and developers – including sovereign states – and more international contractors involved. As a recognised, world leading provider of dispute resolution tools and services, ICC is well placed to handle Belt and Road disputes of any size and complexity.

A construction and infrastructure initiative on this scale will inevitably generate disputes. With an estimated US$900bn in projects planned or already underway, the project gives rise to a multitude of actual and potential.

Alex Mourre | ICC Belt and Road Commission


When it comes to resolving Belt and Road disputes, experience matters

On average, construction and engineering disputes account for close to a quarter of all ICC Arbitration cases, while the finance and insurance sectors account for another 20%.

As the world’s leading arbitral institution, ICC is adept at handling complex cases, including high-value, multi-party and multi-contract disputes. Approximately half of all cases filed with ICC involve three or more parties.

The introduction in 2017 of an expedited procedure enables lower-value cases to be handled faster and cheaper than ever before.

ICC Arbitration is a neutral and globally trusted way to effectively resolve disputes and deliver enforceable awards in virtually all belt and road countries, including China.

Make the ICC International Court of Arbitration your first choice for commercial disputes arising along the Belt and Road.

ICC: The global arbitral institution on the Belt and Road

Belt And Road

ICC’s Belt and Road presence

ICC has a widespread presence across the Belt and Road region, with regional representation worldwide.

Proposal of experts and neutrals

Belt and Road Commission

ICC created the Belt and Road Commission to drive the development of ICC's existing procedures and infrastructure to support Belt and Road disputes.

Icc Belt And Road Network

Belt and Road ambassadors

Ambassadors to the ICC Belt and Road Commission support and help to promote the Commission's work within their respective jurisdiction(s) and networks.

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