Requirements for the consultancy support for the “Declaration of Intent” – Working Group (DoI – WG)

ICC-BASCAP is looking for a consultant for the year to come for the “Declaration of Intent” – Working Group (DoI – WG).

In November 2016, as part of efforts to combat the transportation of counterfeit goods, brand owners, vessels operators, and freight forwarders came together to sign a Declaration of Intent (“DoI”) to prevent the maritime transportation of counterfeit goods.  From that point, signatories have worked together intensively to develop voluntary guidelines in various areas to tackle the issue of counterfeit goods within the supply chain including “Best Practices in Know Your Customer (“KYC Best Practices”) for maritime operators” initially published in March 2018.

This contract will be awarded for the remainder of 2019. In January of every year an assessment of the deliverable shall be conducted by ICC to determine which objectives and associated deliverable warrant retaining a consultant for the year to come.  All consultants hired by ICC-BASCAP will report to the Director of BASCAP.


Facilitate and conduct the work of the DoI – WG in close collaboration with the WG’s co-chairs and signatories.


  • Engage with relevant regulatory institutions to seek endorsement of “Know Your Customer (KYC)” & “Supply Chain Integrity (SC)” best practices with the goal to move to implementation within the global supply chain.
  • Based on the result from the respective pilot projects, foster and support the implementation of “Risk Profiling” systems at maritime operators and law enforcement.
  • Continually raise awareness of the counterfeiting issue within the maritime sector, related regulatory and law enforcement agencies and global brands through focused & targeted external engagement e.g. workshops, round table discussions and relevant international events.
  • Further expand DoI WG membership by bringing more signatories to the DoI, targeting strategic shipping lines, freight forwarders, law enforcement agencies, NGOs and strategic brands.
  • Develop a concept and check feasibility for extensive “Data Sharing” among relevant stakeholders


KYC, Due Diligence and Supply Chain Integrity

  • Define regulatory engagement strategies and related detailed implementation plans to drive tangible endorsement from relevant regulatory bodies e.g. OECD, WCO, IMO practices, the EU Commission and EU Observatory, Europol and Interpol
  • Design training module to be delivered by ICC Academy for example

Risk Profiling: 

  • Monitor and summarize findings from the pilot projects with law enforcement and maritime operators and derive recommendations for the next level of implementation.
  • Assess, recommend and assist with the intelligence gathering mechanisms of brands, maritime operators & other relevant stakeholders
  • Identify geographies where members are most vulnerable to counterfeiters
  • Develop metrics to quantify impact and success in detecting, stopping, seizing and destroying of counterfeits.
  • Continue to recruit new maritime operators and law enforcement agencies to implement risk profiling systems.

Awareness Raising and outreach:

  • Attend, speak and moderate at focused and relevant events (e.g. law enforcement conferences, maritime events, etc.)
  • Whenever useful, organize side meetings / workshops at such events, prepare the agenda, invite and ensure participation of relevant people, prepare the discussion and follow up.
  • Provide support to DoI signatories when attending / speaking at meetings / events.
    Prepare presentations / scripts, brief on other participants and provide information / background on relevant topics.

Expand DoI WG membership:

  • Develop an expansion strategy to attract more members to join the DoI WG, with main emphasis on law enforcement authorities, maritime operators and relevant subsidiaries, terminal operators and brands.
  • Recommend strategic partners for the DoI, prepare a plan to approach / attract them, make the contact and initiate discussions.

Data Sharing:

  • Develop a concept and check feasibility for extensive sharing of data among brand owners, law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Identify an efficient and cost-effective tool / database, satisfying the defined requirements.
  • Check acceptance and support from relevant law enforcement authorities.
  • Ensure full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, e.g. data privacy.

Persons interested should send a resume by email to Tracy Faustin.

Deadline : 31 August 2019

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