Warning: fake ICC Documents

Documents making reference to ICC (which includes its subsidiaries and affiliates), or purporting to be issued by ICC (sometimes bearing its logo) might circulate without ICC’s consent and without relation to any ICC work or mission.

You should not rely on such documents for your business or personal activities.

Please note that ICC, its subsidiaries and affiliates DO NOT:

  • Publish any information concerning the illegal or fraudulent behaviour of individual companies or persons whether in the form of a “black list”, “warning letter” or otherwise.
  • Issue certificates or other documents endorsing or certifying specific companies.
  • Issue notifications concerning “complaints” by individual companies or persons.
  • Endorse individual contracts or parties to such contracts.
  • Award prize money or winnings or issue “prize notifications”.
  • Publish documents relating to specific cases pending before the International Court of Arbitration or other dispute resolution services on public websites. Notification of any request for arbitration to responding parties is made by the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration in accordance with the ICC Rules of Arbitration.

Please also note that the only official ICC model contract addressing the confidentiality and non-circumvention obligations of intermediaries is the ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract (Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement) (Publication No. 769E, 2015 Edition) which is available at  Any other contract purporting to be an ICC–endorsed Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure & Working Agreement (NCNDA) or an Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPAICC) is not a genuine ICC document.

Any correspondence or documents indicating to the contrary have been published or sent without the knowledge or assistance of ICC and do not have its endorsement or approval.

Please note that such correspondence may contain links which lead to unsafe websites that can put at risk systems and data. Recipients should therefore take appropriate measures with respect to such messages.

ICC disclaims all responsibility for any such correspondence, documents or information and any possible prejudice caused by such communications, including by any links, viruses or other elements contained in such material.

To verify the authenticity of correspondence or material purporting to be from, or related to ICC , please contact ICC headquarters in Paris at or an ICC national committee or office in your country or region.

To report scams using ICC’s name, please contact ICC Commercial Crime Services at tel: +44 20 74236960 or e-mail

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