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The ICC Consolidated Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice (the Code) is the gold standard for international best practice and the global reference for international advertising self-regulation.

For the last 80 years, the code has served as the foundation and building block for self-regulatory structures around the world. It has harmonised global best practices across sectors and markets; strengthened self-regulatory organisation remits internationally; and has helped industry build consumer trust because of the high ethical standards it promotes.

As new practices and technologies have evolved, ICC has revised and extended the scope of the Code to assure its usefulness and relevance. Before the code revision process begins in July 2017, demonstrating ICC’s commitment to keeping the Code up to date, ICC will celebrate 80 years of the Code, throwing these benchmark rules and best practices back into the spotlight.


The Code 80th Anniversary activities


The 80th Anniversary of the code is an opportunity to reinforce the reach and application of ICC’s internationally agreed codes for advertising and marketing practice. To this end, the Code will be celebrated during:

  • A second anniversary event in September 2017, Cartagena, Colombia
  • Several key industry events in 2017 including the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (June, France), the Cartagena Latin American Advertising Conference (September, Colombia); the APEC Conference on Aligning Advertising Standards in the Asia-Pacific Region (August, Vietnam), ESOMAR Congress, (September, Amsterdam), World Chambers Congress (19-21 September, Sydney)

Online training

To mark this anniversary year, ICC’s Business Action for Responsible Marketing and Advertising (BARMA) training module on the fundamental principles of the Code will also be digitalised. The new e-learning module – which is specially tailored to educate on the ethical responsibilities of the profession and the role of self-regulation in preserving business’ license to advertise its products and services – will be revamped and delivered by the ICC Academy, ICC’s e-learning platform. It will include videos, animations, new case studies from self-regulatory organisations and companies, and a self-assessment section.

Distribution and visibility

As a truly global organization, we have a truly global audience. The 80th Anniversary of the Code and related activities will be promoted through ICC’s targeted opt-in database of over 100,000 professionals, as well as:

  • ICC website – 170,000 visits per month
  • World Chambers Federation – 12,000 chamber leaders
  • ICC national committees – 92 worldwide.
  • ICC social media – plus 10,000 twitter followers; 16,000 Facebook followers


Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies with global reach, law firms with international presence, and international organizations, to associate themselves with this important policy tool and to make their name and expertise known.

Sponsors will receive maximum visibility both during the campaign and following the launch of the BARMA e-learning module. The funds will be used to cover all promotional and event costs, as well as the development, production, promotion and dissemination of the e-learning module. 

ICC offers your organisation the following ways to sponsor the 80th Anniversary activities

Opportunity to contribute an article to the ICC blog (800 words)
ICC reserves editing rights. Blog guidelines apply.
Opportunity to provide a BARMA e-learning  training module case study/best practice example
Subject to approval*
Exclusive 80th Anniversary event sponsor
CEO address during 80th Anniversary event
Sponsor a lunch
Based on availability*
Branding in the new BARMA e-learning module promotional campaign x
Sponsor ICC French Camp Cannes event (20 June)
(signage at venue, logo on promotional and on-site materials)
x x
Social media visibility during the 80th Anniversary
(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
x x
Sponsor coffee break
Based on availability*
x x
Exhibition table x x
Your logo on the e-version of the 80th Anniversary Edition of the ICC Code (The e-version will be made available via the ICC website and during key events). x x
Option to distribute branded products to participants x x
Description of your company in participant folder
(number of words)
400 200 100
Branding on promotional materials + signage at venue
Screens (if available), collateral, banners
x x x
Your logo on the 80th Anniversary of the Code event webpage
Paris or Cartagena
x x x


  • 2 sponsors maximum per activity: lunch, coffee break
  • Activities scheduled (80th Anniversary of the Code event): 1 lunch and 1 coffee break
  • Event sponsor (Cartagena) is responsible for procurement costs of bags, lanyards, notebooks, binders and gifts

Tailor-made packages are available to suit your company’s needs.

We thank our past sponsors
Sponsorship opportunity: ICC Consolidated Code - 80th Anniversary campaign


Sandra Sanchez Nery | Sponsorship project manager | Tel: +33 (0)6 83 89 69 28

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