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ICC’s range of voluntary rules, guidelines and codes have become part of the fabric of international trade.

Align your organization with ICC’s unrivalled authority in producing tools for business that are observed and respected worldwide through sponsorship of these activities.

  • ICC Consolidated Code: 80th Anniversary campaign

The ICC Consolidated Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice (the Code) is the gold standard for international best practice and the global reference for international advertising self-regulation. For the last 80 years, the code has served as the foundation and building block for self-regulatory structures around the world. It has harmonised global best practices across sectors and markets; strengthened self-regulatory organisation remits internationally; and has helped industry build consumer trust because of the high ethical standards it promotes.

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  • ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap 2017 – 13th edition

The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap is ICC’s flagship IP publication, providing businesses and policymakers with a comprehensive and concise overview of key intellectual property policy issues today.

This popular ICC report – containing contributions from dozens of experts from around the globe – is widely read by business, policy and legal professionals worldwide, both within and outside ICC’s international membership. Published every two to three years, the IP Roadmap has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and other languages.

The 13th edition was released in early 2017, providing a new opportunity for organizations to be associated with this important reference publication.

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  • ICC Business Integrity Compendium 2018

The ICC Business Integrity Compendium is the flagship Anti-corruption and Corporate Responsibility publication – the Compendium is a must-have compilation of ICC’s highly demanded business integrity tools developed by business for business. These tools are widely used by businesses, governments, policy, and legal professionals worldwide, both within and outside ICC’s international membership. This publication will be released in 2018.

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