Trade and Investment policy

The private sector has a key role to play in ensuring an open international environment that will facilitate cross-border trade and investment by business to sustain the economic recovery, job creation and sustainable development.    

Trade and Investment Policy Bando
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First session of the preparatory committee for an international trade organization held in London at Church House, Westminster 15 October 1946.

Creating new economic opportunities and strengthening ties between nations

Over the past 60 years, international trade and investment and the multilateral trading system have contributed to improving the standard of living of billions of people around the world, by creating new economic opportunities for producers and consumers alike and by strengthening ties between nations, thereby contributing to global peace and prosperity and fostering greater freedom around the world.

The increasing level and expanding nature of international investment flows and associated transactions speak to the acknowledgement by host governments - particularly in the developing markets - of the contribution international investment makes to their sustainable development.

Companies and supply chains increasingly operate across multiple borders, and these activities can help to spread prosperity, technical know-how and capital, provided that they take place in a framework that is fair, transparent and rules-based.

Action-oriented recommendations

As business contributes resources, skills, infrastructure, and technological innovation in support of economic and social development, ICC aims to deliver action-oriented recommendations on trade and investment from global business to international organizations and government leaders.

The policy work of ICC represents a comprehensive consultative effort to produce forward-looking recommendations addressed to the global business community, government officials, intergovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders who help to shape global economic policy.

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